Richmond Part 2- Broad Street

Broad Street runs for 15 miles from Chimborazo Park through Downtown into the West End including Short Pump and finally into Goochland County. It’s arguably one of the most important roads in Richmond and where we spent most of our time. Let’s start with downtown and work our way west.

First we have Richmond’s current City Hall-

Richmond City Hall

A little further down and just off Broad Street you can also find the Old City Hall of Richmond which in 1971 was designated as a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Old City Hall designed by Elijah E. Myers.

Walk a little past the Old City Hall and you’ll find Capitol Square. This is the area around the Virginia State Capitol. There are several monuments here that honor famous Virginians.

Pictured here are the Patrick Henry and Andrew Lewis statues which are two of the six historical figures encirlcing the base of the George Washington Equestrain Monument which was built in 1858. Patrick Henry delivered his "Give me Liberty or Give me Death " speech in Richmond, VA in 1775 at St. John's Church .

Let’s step back a little –

George Washington Equestrian Monument by Thomas Crawford

Moving down Broad still going west we pass several stores and people waiting for the GRTC (Greater Richmond Transit Company). In 1972 the Virginia Transit Company was purchased by the City of Richmond and converted to the GRTC. It has several routes, express buses, park and ride services and it is generally a pain to drive behind one of the buses.

Sights along the way-

Keep going and we pass the Stuart C. Siegel Center at VCU. This year the VCU Rams made it to the NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four. The Siegel Center is where they play home games.

The Siegel Center is to the left. We're actually looking east and back towards downtown in this picture.

Next we have The Science Museum of Virginia which has events, exhibits and an IMAX Dome.

Continue west for awhile and we’ll get to Short Pump. Some things along the way-

And finally part of Short Pump-

I hope you enjoyed this journey down Broad Street. I really have grown to love Richmond. This will be my last post before we go to Rio. Here’s hoping everything goes well. Goodbye Richmond and thank you for everything.


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