Getting GIG With It*

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” -King of Hearts

It is almost two and half weeks since we arrived in Brasil. We have been settling in and exploring. Also there have been problems with getting the internet connection set up where we are living. Forgive me on my absence from blogging but don’t worry I kept notes on all my observations. To get caught up, I have a lot of blogging to do.

We arrived at the airport after a 4 hour car trip in which we were sandwiched between our 9 bags to check and four to carry on.I thought about movies like 172 Hours and Buried as I moved around in the four inches or so I had to spare. At one point early on in the journey, the tower of luggage between MGFI and I in the backseat began to shift and lean on me, slightly pinning me in. I couldn’t move it back to the middle no matter how much I pushed. Luckily not long after we stopped at a rest stop and I could readjust the tower. I held my shoulder against it until we arrived at the airport. Once there, with a little help from our friends, a huge baggage trolley and a very nice attendant everything was hauled to the check in counter. Amazingly everything was good to go except the computer tower(Which we had to run around the airport looking for a box or bag. We finally found that Continental sells a nice travel bag at their counter. The computer tower fit perfectly). Everything weighed in a little less then we thought and all was cheaper than we had planned. We cursed ourselves for not packing more… but then again it wouldn’t have fit in the car. We had barely fit in the car. The excess baggage route for us really worked out well in the end. It was a hassle to carry and transport everything but at least they all arrived with us. I would say arrived intact … but we’ll get to more on that later.
We boarded at around 10 at night. The plane was full except for maybe two empty seats. There were three movies during the flight that I watched with a broken headset. I couldn’t sleep, didn’t get by the window and wasn’t sitting with MGFI. There was just an aisle between us but it wasn’t quite the same. On the plane it also became increasingly colder as the hours passed. MGFI had warned me to dress with layers or at least to take a sweatshirt but when leaving from 90 something degree weather, the last thing I wanted was another layer.I was wrong. I thought at one point I might freeze to death. The airline provided a little blanket… that didn’t provide me with much warmth. Slowly … painfully slowly at times, the night passed. The sun came up and a tiny breakfast was served. The pilot spoke and our destination was only 45 minutes away. The passengers with window seats slowly started to raise their blinds. Light..bright bright light flooded the inside of the plane and slowly we began to descend. We went down through clouds and land began to appear. Then, there it was Rio. So many buildings, hills, water and more buildings. Then bump bump glide, there we were. I was in Brasil and MGFI was back home. The immigration check in wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Waiting for our luggage to spin round on the conveyor and to get them all and load them up on four trolleys was a little tedious. I saw lots of poorly taped boxes, huge suitcases and oddly shaped containers not really meant for flying and didn’t feel so bad about our array of luggage. We realized we were missing one and MGFI went to talk to the agents. This took awhile. We left for customs without the missing bag. They said they’d call or deliver it as soon as they found it. Customs honestly looked like a high school gym with machines as a display to teach children about x-raying luggage. I had imagined it would be something different maybe something more futuristic with shiny metallic things and lights, lasers and robots with machine guns. There were several armed guards and it was scary because I didn’t understand what they were saying but it wasn’t at all what I feared with my overly active imagination. MGFI handed over her papers and everything passed through just fine. Then we had to reload again and push and pull them away. We met the person waiting for us and loaded two taxis to take us to our new home. Everything fit and we were off…

To be continued…

*GIG here is pronounced Gig-y


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