Oohoo Oohoo We Rocked in Rio!

MGFI and I were lucky enough to attend Rock in Rio on September 29th. I’m a little late in posting this but I’ll repost something I said elsewhere to get you all up to speed-

Eu fui! Things I learned at Rock in Rio:

1) Ke$ha’s Get Sleazy world tour is approiately named.
2) A rock dog from Doggis with deep fried onion pieces, barbecue sauce, tomatoes and a hot dog is surprisingly good.
3) Janelle Monáe puts on an excellent show.
4) Fans get upset if you don’t play your hits. Jamiroquai should have played Space Cowboy for the Brazilians ( apparently it’s his most well known song here) and he should have played Virtual Insanity for me. It was still a good show overall.
5) Lots of corporate sponsors equals lots of free little goodies for me.
6) Joss Stone has a right to be wrong but was flawless live. She should have been on the main stage if you ask me.
7) Bluegrass can be heard in Rio. On rock street (modeled after New Orleans) we walked past a band playing music from my home. I honestly got a little confused about where I was. For a moment country roads aurally took me home.
8 It might have been hard at times moving around and getting in was a slow mess but being surrounded by 100,000+ people singing, dancing, jumping, swaying and generally peacefully enjoying themselves was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.








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