Some other notable and talked about performances from Rock in Rio 2011

Thanks to Multishow, all of Rock in Rio was broadcast live on TV. MGFI and I watched several other shows from the comfort of our home.

Katy Perry played on the opening night and during her performance she called for a shirtless man to come up on stage. Here is what followed-

The funny thing is that Juli- OOOO after the show, became an instant celebrity for about a week. He reportedly received a free ticket for the next day and an article was written about him in a weekly magazine. I think it’s crazy how fame works, even the 15 minute variety but way to go JuliOOO.

Coldplay put on an excellent show as I thought they would. We debated long and hard about which day to attend. I still stand by our choice, however had Coldplay replaced another performer in our line up… that would have been just fine by me.

This is the end of the Coldplay set –

That’s enough about Rock in Rio. As much as I really want to talk about all the commercials, products with Rock in Rio on them (everything form perfume to a model of Volkswagon foxes) and the theme song being played and sung over and over on Sky ( our satellite provider). I think you really might have had to be here to catch the fury and excitement that was Rock in Rio 2011. Those of you who were here know what I’m talking about and for those of you who weren’t, hopefully now you know a little more. Tchau Rock In Rio. You were great.


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