Niterói, also know as Niquiti, is my home in Brazil and the longer I live here, the more I like it. So, today’s topic is:

Getting to Know Niterói: Close but not Rio

Located almost 9 miles from downtown Rio de Janeiro, separated by a bay, the city of Niterói is currently celebrating a raise in popularity with both tourists and newly relocated residents. Not to be mistaken as a suburb or neighborhood of Rio, the city of Niterói stands on it’s own with the 2010 Brazilian Census reporting a population of 487,320.

The view of Rio from the barco (ferry)

The view of centro Niterói from the barco.

Access to Niteroi from Rio is either by bridge or ferry and the transportation time depends on the day of the week and the time of day. At best, the journey from downtown Niterói to downtown Rio lasts roughly a little under half an hour.

A ferry

The bridge itself

However, during rush hours and weekend nights the traffic can slow to a crawl, making it hours between Niterói and Rio.

Traffic stopped at the tollbooths at the Niterói side of the bridge

Almost through the tollbooth

More Getting to Know Niterói posts to come.


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