Catupiry is a type of requeijão (cheese) popular in Brazil. It’s thick, creamy and I don’t like it. MGFI, however, is a huge fan and eats it every morning on her toast or crackers. So… I see it a lot.

You too can see it now if you haven’t:

It’s name comes from a Tupi word that means “excellent” …as least according to its Wikipedia article. To me, It’s flavor is almost nonexistent, so the taste isn’t my issue. It’s the consistency I don’t like. I don’t think it’s excellent at all.

You can also find catupiry mixed in with shrimp and other things but the most disturbing experience I had with it was as a pizza topping. MGFI of course wanted to order it, so I insisted on half and half. The pizza arrived with half a dozen almost four inch tall dollops of the gooey stuff that had partly oozed onto my half. That was not my favorite pizza night and I do love Brazilian pizza as a whole better than it’s American counterpart. Oh well.

I’ll end with, if you like gooey bland cheese in a container ….hmm think like white Velveeta, you’ll like Catupiry. It’s worth trying though, if you haven’t. It’s very popular and could become your new favorite thing. For me, not so much.


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