Parking Helpers


I have seen this a lot in certain places in Brazil. They appear with and without vests but are always stationed near parking spaces. They stand and direct your car into an open spot…think air traffic control for cars. When you leave it’s customary to tip them, but since I have yet to be the driver, I don’t know the going rate.


4 thoughts on “Parking Helpers

  1. My wife and I try to avoid them, but when we can’t we “tip” (translation-allow ourselves to be extorted) one real.

    • Might as well call it what it is. These people are doing little protection schemes. For a real or two, they will “protect” your car. The implicit threat is that if you don’t pay, “something” will probably happen to your car. Gee, I wonder who will do that “something”. The police need to run a sting and catch some of these gangsters in the act. It’ll happen.

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