The Beaches of Niterói : Itacoatiara

Continuing my “Getting to know Niterói” series, I thought I would add the subcategory of beaches. Some of the beaches here are amazingly beautiful and can be sadly overlooked by tourists…and Cariocas too. In an attempt to help bring more love or at least knowledge of and about Niterói beaches, we’ll start with my favorite of all the beaches I’ve seen so far in Brazil. Surprise, surprise, it happens to be in Niterói.

I’m pleased to introduce you to:



I love mountains with my beach! At Itacoatiara they ring the shore towering high above the beach goers. The clouds have a way of sitting on top of them like a hat or a scarf.

The waves are big enough for surfing. I haven’t tried. I’ve never surfed in my life…but Itacoatiara makes it tempting.



There’s one rock that juts out into the ocean. It’s climbable with a lot of room on top to sit and watch. Think Arpoador in Rio but smaller and less crowded.





I really love Itacoatiara and recommend it. It’s accessible by bus and car and absolutely beautiful! I think it’s worth a trip to Niterói in and of itself.

More beaches to come….


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