Thinking Inside the Box: Toddy

So you’ve embraced the box and need something to liven up your leite? Meet one of several types of powdered chocolate mix you can add for a little party in your mouth:


It’s like Nesquik. You open the container, spoon out the amount that’s chocolately enough for you (this takes trail and error), stir and enjoy.
In every home I’ve been in so far, pousada and smaller open counter dinners, I have seen a pote of Toddy or have seen it on their menu. It is very popular for breakfast…with adults. MGFI, in fact, can’t start the day without it. I thought it was odd for an adult to insist on chocolate milk in the morning but once we arrived here, I realized it wasn’t just her cute quirk but that it was cultural. There are still lots of coffee people, don’t get me wrong…but there are lots of Toddy people too. It has also grown on me. I find myself adding Toddy to my milk sometimes now too. Although, I really prefer Ovalmaltine because of the flocos crocantes (it’s crunchy and also awesome in shakes!!). Nescau…no thank you for me.
Getting back to Toddy, you can buy it already mixed in little juice box packs (not large containers) but I don’t think it’s the same. I like to be in control of my chocolate to milk ratio.
There’s also a black Toddy that I’ve seen and have been eyeing. Someday I’ll try that too. Anyway, if plain milk isn’t doing it for you or you had wondered what Toddy was….there you go.


14 thoughts on “Thinking Inside the Box: Toddy

  1. I never could bring myself to drink the milk. It just seems gross, although my kids tried it in cereal and said it was fine.

    A scoop of Toddy in a cup of coffee is really good. Have you tried that yet? Kind of a poor man’s mocha.

    • I have :). It occurred to me one day while fixing MGFI’s morning chocolate milk. I looked at my coffee and then at her milk with Toddy, then back at my coffee. It was a total a-ha moment haha. I thought it was delicious! I was very proud of myself that day haha. I used milk also, though. The milk’s really not bad at all. I promise. It’s just different.
      Have you already left Brazil or? It’s a shame I loved your blog…but I guess I will just have to love the future one as well šŸ™‚

      • I have a nearly full container of it in my cupboard. I wonder if I can smuggle it out of Brazil? If there is room in the suitcase, it’s coming! lol

        I leave on Monday, and Brian is a few days behind me. We’ll be in Houston for about six weeks before we head to Scotland. Man, there is so much to do, including a whole new set of visa paperwork for me. I really, really, really hope the UK spouse visa process is less complicated and nerve wracking than the Brazilian work visa was.

        Thanks for the compliment! I hope you like the new blog too. It will still be me, and my writing style, just a different address (and different country). I’m still going to keep reading yours too! I would miss all my Brazil bloggy friends if I didn’t keep up with all of you! And who knows, we might be back some day.

  2. Toddy is always great to have on hand to make emergency Brigadeiro! It is also the only way I am capable of drinking Brazilian milk. In Toddy or Coffee!

    • Hehe I’ve haven’t had to make emergency brigadeiros yet. Actually, I haven’t made them at all yet. I’ve eaten them though. Did you try the brigadiero cereal when they had it?

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  4. My MIL uses it for chocolate frosting. Melt some butter, add leite condensado, a couple of spoonfuls of Toddy and viola! Oh, the possibilities are endless! šŸ˜‰

  5. It’s funny we do use toddy to make brigadeiro, but i hate it in my milk šŸ™‚ I’m a nescau lover! And I mean it when I say lover, we go through a ton of milk to supply my chocolate milk addiction!

    • Maybe I should give Nescau another try. I only had it once and didn’t like it but now that I think back, I didn’t really like Toddy that much then either. Maybe things have changed haha.

      • haha sidnei is always giving me a hard time about things i used to say that i didnt like and now i eat or drink…but like i told him..since coming to brazil my tastebuds have changed SO MUCH! give it a try, its not as sweet as toddy which is why i prefer it…to me it has a more chocolate-y flavor šŸ™‚

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