Warm Milk in a Box


I understand how this may be a little disconcerting to some. One expat friend we had in Angra actually refused to drink milk in Brazil because he could only buy it in a box and not refrigerated at that. Having been a quasi health conscious eater before we arrived here, I had met with the little square of milk before, but not as the only option available for purchase. If you think about it though, a carton is really only a glorified box. However, the semitransparent jug is a whole different beast. If that is the only way you’re used to getting your milk or straight from the cow, goat, whatever or glass bottles, you might have a bit of an adjustment period in Brazil. All of the stores I’ve been to (in Niteròi, Rio and Angra) sell milk only in these 1Liter boxes and they are in the aisles at room temperature. Once you get them home and open them you need to refrigerate them or they will go bad. Oh, and check for punctures and holes in the boxes before you buy them or you might find yourself with a full liter of spoiled milk once you’re ready to indulge ( we did this once). There are several different brands and they come with varying degrees of fat and fortification. Also, there’s soy milk if that’s more your style (also in a sort of box).
In closing, don’t be afraid of the box. It still does a body good.

5 thoughts on “Warm Milk in a Box

  1. I don’t know out there in Rio, but here is SP it is quite easy to buy refrigeretaed non UHT milk (fazenda, CCL, Paulista, and my favorite but probably not available in Rio, Xandô). What you can do is going to a bakery store, and buying “leite A” or “leite B”. You will get better samples of milk, I promise!

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for commenting. I was wondering how it was in other parts of Brazil. I haven’t seen it so far here but I will definitely keep an eye out and try that at the bakery. Thank you again.

    • I have never seen refrigerated milk in jugs like in the states, but here we can buy milk in 1L plastic bags that is refrigerated. It’s about the same price, but goes bad WAY fast. I like the boxed milk bc I can buy a ton of it at one time! However, my husband claims that the bagged milk is healthier… I have no idea what is the truth on this subject!

      • As a matter of comparison, the boxed milk is heated up to 300 Celsius degrees! It kills everything: bacteria, milk protein etc. While bagged (or bottled as we get here in SP, at least) are only homogenized (Pasteur method). They are way healthier, specially if you get type A of B – because there’s less water in them as well.

  2. Thank you notilnorflies. That’s really good to know. I had wondered how it could be left at room temperature and still be milk. I’m going to try to look for type A and B this weekend.

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