New York City Center

On the Avenida das Américas in Barra da Tijuca located beside what was once the largest shopping mall in South America, Barra Shopping, you’ll find the New York City Center with it’s 18 movie theaters that include IMAX and 3D and multiple restaurants and shops. The most interesting thing I found about the center was the building’s design itself, which includes a mini Statue of Liberty at it’s opening.


From the moment I walked in greeted by Lady Liberty herself, I did feel as if I was in a sort of miniature America. With it’s high ceilings, open spaces and many American restaurants, it felt a little familiar to me.

Yes that’s an Outback and there’s a Pizza Hut and McDonald’s on the second floor. We, however, decided to eat at Bob’s.
(not big by American super sizing standards but still really good. I prefer Bob’s to McDonald’s in Brazil. It’s a fast food chain that started in Copacabana. We’ll talk more about it in another post)

This is the view out the back of the center:


If you happen to be in Barra and go to see Barra Shopping, I recommend you pop over to the New York City Center also of you have the time (there is a lot to see in Barra Shopping, I know).


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