The Beaches of Niterói: Camboinhas

Since it is a rainy and dreary day here, I thought I’d revisit my series on the beaches of Niterói.

Today I present to you-



My second favorite beach in Niterói after Itacoatiara, Camboinhas is really an extension of Itiapu beach with a canal that runs between them serving as the boundary marker. I’ve heard that you can cross said canal on foot but only during low tide. We, however, entered a different way, walking through the Camboinhas neighborhood itself. Buses aren’t allowed in past the gates, so we hoofed it several blocks to the beach.
It was a pleasant walk in what appeared to be a very nice neighborhood. Past the small shopping center near the entrance, the rest of Camboinhas seemed to be mostly if not completely residential. I saw several teenagers riding dune buggies in what were almost traffic free streets while dog walkers walked their four legged friends on stone sidewalks past houses that were well maintained and obviously loved. If it hadn’t been for the large walls surrounding the houses with electrified fencing on top and barbed wire, I might have thought that I had been magically transported somewhere else. It was all different than what I had experienced in Niterói so far. I mean this in a good way.
When we reached the beach there were even more pleasant surprises. The first was the lack of people. At best there were a couple dozen beach goers sprinkled across the second pleasant surprise, the clean, relatively trash free sand. This was especially nice because we hadn’t brought chairs.
As a possible explanation for the lack of people, I have to say that we were there on a weekday. However, it was a holiday which leads me to believe that the beach is usually not very crowded. This could be due to the fact that it is a little out of the way for people who don’t live in Camboinhas or have a car, which could enter the neighborhood (there is available parking near the beach entrance.). All beaches in Brazil are free and open to the public but that doesn’t mean they are all easily accessible to the general public. Camboinhas, I think, is worth going out of your way. I loved it.



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