The Beaches of Niterói: Itaipu

I mentioned it in my last post and it is still raining and dreary outside, so, I will continue with my beach theme. Let me introduce you to:



On the other side of Camboinhas, lies Itaipu. It’s a nice, easily accessible by bus or car beach. There are several restaurants located on the far left side of it’s shoreline that serve seafood fresh out of the water. You can actually watch them catch your dinner.

We found a nice place and had cervejas while waiting on our lula (squid) to be prepared.

The wait took longer than expected (. . . welcome to Brazil) and we grew increasingly hungry. Right when I was just about to reach my “I cannot wait any longer, let’s go to Bob’s point”, the sun began to set.

It turned into one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life and the lula, when it arrived was ok too. Maybe good things really do come to those who wait…

that’s Rio across the water

If you go to Itaipu, go hungry (but allow a little wait time) and don’t go expecting quiet. Lots of cars like to park and play their music loudly from there open trunks. However, it’s definitely worth a visit …especially at sunset.


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