Expat Help: Americans Voting Abroad

First, in light of yesterday’s post I’d like to say that Brasil! Pra mim is full of s……

(No, not that! Well, maybe at times)

s…solely my observations in Brasil and that includes opinions. Unfortunately and fortunately at times, I’ve never been shy when expressing them. However, I know I’m not the only person in the world.

I respect and often think it’s fascinatingly beautiful (and, let’s be honest, at times frustrating) that we all have different views. Hopefully though, by sharing them and listening with respect to other’s concerns/needs we all get a broader perspective…

A little wiggle room for growth and changes is important too. I should tell you all, that I attended a Bob Dole rally as a freshman in high school and it was totally the highlight of my year.

Moving on, yesterday I ended the post by asking if anyone knew how I could help with the upcoming US Presidental Election from here in Brazil. With a chorus of crickets cheering me on, I went hunting by my lonesome on the interwebs for answers.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Republicans Abroad
– This is, in all fairness, a really well done website. It’s easy to navigate with a clean design. Beautifully organized so there’s no clutter to wade and click through to get to what you need.

There are links to your local chapters, news, radio, ways to contribute and the Voting from Overseas Section has nine bulleted clickable subsections which include; state by state voting
and updates, voter registration websites, voter registration deadlines, education of voting and party platforms. There’s also a calendar.

Seriously, this is a pretty impressive site.

Democrats Abroad– You can register to vote and get your ballots here. There are talking points, news and ways to contribute.

Also the are individual state pages…because these elections are for more than just the President.

I should have watched the Wasserman Schultz video before posting. There is also this- Vote from Abroad…”revised and re-launched”.

Ok, so that’s all I’ve learned so far. I’ll keep you all updated as I find out more. Also, again if you should find something that might be helpful to me or other American expats…. or other expats from around the globe, please feel free to share. Thank you.

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