Happy Mother’s Day/ Feliz dia das mães!

In Brazil, Mother’s Day (Dia das mães) is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, like in the United States. That’s today!

Although, they don’t mention Brazil, The Complete History of Mother’s Day, is a great article. Let me tell you, when they say complete, they mean it (…ok almost). This article deals with everything including but not limited to;

17th century Mothering Day
Julia Ward
The US government’s ratification of the day as a holiday
Protests about the holiday becoming over commercialized
What countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May and how they celebrate

Plus there’s even a piechart rundown of Mother’s Day spending!

If you have the time I think it’s really worth checking out. I had no idea there was a mothersdaycentral.com, but I’m really glad I found it today.

So how did the day come to be celebrated in Brazil? Well, in 1932, then President Vargas declared that the second Sunday in May would be the celebration day of Mother’s Day. However, he didn’t make it an official public holiday.

There are arguments of over commercialization here that are similar to ones you might hear in the US but even if today has lost a lot of it’s meaning here and worldwide, I still want to wish all the Mom’s all over the world a Happy Mother’s Day/Feliz dia das mães. I hope you all had a wonderful day!

My mom tending to her irises several years before the world lost what I think was the best mom ever.


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