Native Speak – Real Talk with Real Brazilians

Welcome to my new section, Native Speak. It’s a five part Q&A with a local about their lives, past and present and Brazil’s past, present and future as they see it.

Native Speak
Real talk with Real Brazilians
This week features- Marcia S., English teacher, Rio de Janeiro

Q1Do you feel that the demand for English teachers and courses are on the rise in Rio?

Absolutely! With Brazil growing as a global power, professionals are realizing the benefits of learning and improving their English to deal with future partners and clients.

Another area I see more need for English teachers, is in schools. There is currently an increase in bi-lingual schools as parents are more aware of the benefits of beginning a second language as early as possilbe for better retention rates. They want the best future for their children. Right now that includes being able to communicate with English speakers.

Also, with the World Cup and the Olympics approaching, the service and tourist industries are looking for English speaking employees. I see many listings for crash courses in English springing up in ads now.

Q2Speaking of the World Cup and the Olympics, how do you feel the construction and preparation for those events are progressing?

I don’t think it’s going well. I’ve heard a lot about delays, bad administration and misappropriation of funds. I’m worried the infrastructures won’t be able to accommodate the amount of people they’re expecting.

Q3I imagine you’ve seen a lot of construction and changes in your city during recent years. What are the biggest improvements you’ve seen in Rio during your lifetime?

In my lifetime? In general, in the last decade, I’ve seen a greater concern for bettering conditions for everyone. With more opportunities for people in the lower classes, I’ve seen a shrinking economic divide.

Q4Do you think the future is now?

No, I don’t believe so. There are a lot more improvements to be done with things like water, sewage and the educational system. Improvements for Rio need to include surrounding areas also so that not only Rio and other World Cup host cities throughout Brazil are better after these big events.

Q5Speaking of Rio being better, that leads me to my last question. What do think are the best things about Rio now?

The people are very friendly and receptive to outsiders. It’s a beautiful city with it’s combination of urban area, green space, mountains and beaches. I think Rio really has something to offer everyone.


That’s all for this week.

If you’d like to be part of Native Speak or know someone who does, please contact me at


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