ReUse Connection

With the upcoming Rio +20 summit and Rio+Social convention, I’m reminded of a group that got in contact with me a month or so ago on Facebook. ReUse Connection, leveraging the power of social media, found me through a local chapter of Freecycle that I had been involved with back home in Virginia. They messaged me to say that I might also be interested in their group….they were right! Their mission, according to their Facebook page is, “ReUse Connection aims to reduce waste and improve environmental health by: 1. providing knowledge sharing about ReUse, and 2. creating economic opportunity (with individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations) by seeing value at the back end of the material stream.” What you’ll find on their Facebook page are posts from around the world of people repurposing things once bound for the landfills into new, sometimes beautiful, sometimes kitschy but always thought provoking items. There are coffee table ends made into shelving, plastic bottles being tied together to make a boat, a bottle cap wind chime and much more. They seem to be a pretty active network worldwide and I get ideas for ways to reuse things just by looking at their page. Maybe some of you will like it as well.
See it here-ReUse Connection Facebook page
And they’re also on Twitter


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