Dilma Uses Line-Item Veto on Forest Code

Today President Dilma Rousseff made 12 vetoes and 32 modifications to the Código Florestal (Forest Code) failing to appease environmental groups who had asked for a total veto of the bill. The Green Party’s Marina Silva is quoted in Sasha Darlington’s piece for CNN, Brazil president vetoes parts of polarizing Forest Code , saying, ""It's a setback without precedent after the 23 years of progress we've made." Many others are also angered that amnesty for loggers who illegally deforested before July 2008 remains in place as part of the code. The agribussness side, however, seems pleased. President of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock in Brazil, Senator Katia Abreu, told Bloomsberg's Stephan Nielsen and Maria Luiza Rabello that, "The legislation is a welcome relief for many farmers who cut forests on land that only later became protected as regulators ratcheted up environmental protections." and "About 90 percent of producers have in some way breached rules set by environmental regulators, often unintentionally, which restricts their access to loans from state-run banks." (see the full article here- Amnesty For Amazon Deforestation Remains After Rousseff Veto).

But…It’s not over yet.

“The bill now goes back to Congress, and legislators have 30 days to override Rousseff’s changes with a simple majority, which is considered unlikely” Bradley Brooks writes in his AP article, Brazil’s leader vetoes portions of new forest law

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