Greening Your Portuguese

With Rio+20 bringing leaders from around the world to the Cidade maravilhosa (Marvelous City aka Rio de Janeiro), I think now is a great time to make my Portuguese a little greener, more sustainable if you will. I thought I’d share my lists just in case it might also be helpful to you.

*Produtos (Products)

First let’s start with words you might see on packaging and containers

Máteria-prima feita de pneu– Made from tires
Plástico oxibiodegradável– Oxo-biodegradable plastic. Plastic with an oil additive that causes it to degrade in 18 months.
Biodegradáveis – Biodegradables
Orgânico– Organic
Produtos éticos– Products not tested on animals
Papel reciclado – Recycled paper
Algodão orgânico– Organic cotton
Natureza– Nature


*Verbos (Verbs)

Reduzir– To reduce
Reusar– To reuse
Reciclar– To recycle
Defender– To defend
Sancionar– To sanction
Vetar– To veto
Declarar– To declare
Negociar– To Negotiate


*Outros (Others)

Sustentável– Sustainable
Verde– Green
Terra– Earth
Água– Water
Floresta– Forest
Oceano – Ocean
Mares– Tides
Energia– Energy
Projeto – Project (n)
População indígena– Indigenous population
Crianças– Children
Mulheres– Women
Ecologia– Ecology
Empresa– A business
Agricultura– Agriculture
Hidroeletrica– Hydroelectric
Represa– Dam
Arvores– Trees
Comitê– Committee
Grupo– Group
Dialogo– Dialogue (n)
Tema– Theme
Voluntário– Volunteer
Holistico– Holistic
Economia– Economy
Estilo de vida– Lifestyle
Parceria– Partnership
Recomendação– Recommendation
Ação– Action

O futuro que nos queremos– The future we want.



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