Greening Your Portuguese

With Rio+20 bringing leaders from around the world to the Cidade maravilhosa (Marvelous City aka Rio de Janeiro), I think now is a great time to make my Portuguese a little greener, more sustainable if you will. I thought I’d share my lists just in case it might also be helpful to you.

*Produtos (Products)

First let’s start with words you might see on packaging and containers

Máteria-prima feita de pneu- Made from tires
Plástico oxibiodegradável- Oxo-biodegradable plastic. Plastic with an oil additive that causes it to degrade in 18 months.
Biodegradáveis - Biodegradables
Orgânico- Organic
Produtos éticos- Products not tested on animals
Papel reciclado – Recycled paper
Algodão orgânico- Organic cotton
Natureza- Nature


*Verbos (Verbs)

Reduzir- To reduce
Reusar- To reuse
Reciclar- To recycle
Defender- To defend
Sancionar- To sanction
Vetar- To veto
Declarar- To declare
Negociar- To Negotiate


*Outros (Others)

Sustentável- Sustainable
Verde- Green
Terra- Earth
Água- Water
Floresta- Forest
Oceano – Ocean
Mares- Tides
Energia- Energy
Projeto – Project (n)
População indígena- Indigenous population
Crianças- Children
Mulheres- Women
Ecologia- Ecology
Empresa- A business
Agricultura- Agriculture
Hidroeletrica- Hydroelectric
Represa- Dam
Arvores- Trees
Comitê- Committee
Grupo- Group
Dialogo- Dialogue (n)
Tema- Theme
Voluntário- Volunteer
Holistico- Holistic
Economia- Economy
Estilo de vida- Lifestyle
Parceria- Partnership
Recomendação- Recommendation
Ação- Action

O futuro que nos queremos- The future we want.


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