I Spy: Palmolive…shower gel


Ok, so all of my life in America I used Palmolive products to wash my dishes. Here in Brazil, I was surprised when I saw things marked Palmolive mixed in among other shower gels. I decided to give it a shot. After all, it does make sense, it’s still soap. Once the initial confused feelings subsided, I have to say that I see no difference between it and other shower gels…and I don’t feel like a dirty plate.


4 thoughts on “I Spy: Palmolive…shower gel

  1. I LOOOOVE that purple Palmolive shower gel. I used the exact same one when I was living in Belgium and was really glad it was available in Brazil, although sometimes you need to look really hard. The Brazilian version does smell a little different though, but that’s ok.

    • I was really pleasantly surprised by the smell. Though, my favorite body wash of all time is Kiss my Face’s Peaceful Patchouli. I wish I could get that here.

  2. The one in Belgium had patchouli in it (I still have a 35 year old small bottle of the real stuff), but the Brazilian one doesn’t. Probably that’s the difference, but like I said, it’s close enough. I not familiar with the one you mention, but if it has patchouli, it can’t be bad 🙂

  3. Patchouli is great. I know you can get Kiss my Face Peaceful patchouli in some places in America but it was a little harder to find. If you should ever happen to see it, I think you’d like it.

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