I Spy: A look back at Angra dos Reis

We lived in Angra dos Reis, RJ (Rio de Janeiro state) from the end of October last year until the end of February this year. Unfortunately during that time my blogging slowed to a crawl and I didn’t share much of it with you all. I’m going to attempt to catch up now.

Angra in Retrospect:

Angra had several beaches and we managed to visit some during our time there:


These are steps that lead to the access point of one of the harder to get to beaches, Praia do Café:

However, it wasn’t all beachy. It seemed to rain a lot while we were there…


There were many churches spread throughout the city:


Looking up at the slopes and hills surrounding Angra, there was another part of the city:

Often I would see water delivery motorcycles passing and pausing below on the street outside of our apartment:

This was our water jug:

Centro (Downtown) Angra was the busiest part of town and was filled with older buildings:


We were there during parts of Carnaval:
customs to buy for children


The Dock at Angra is were you find some of the nicer restaurants and was always crowded on weekend nights. During the day, you can charter privately owned boats that tour the islands (there are 365) around Angra. Many will ferry you to Ilha Grande.

There is also a main ferry that operates several times a day. If your tour/guide books tell you to go to the ferry in Angra to get to Ilha Grande, this is where you find it. Oh and when you get off the bus in Agra at the rodoviaria, walk to your left down the road. The bus stop in front has buses going in the opposite direction. It’s a little bit of a walk to the ferry but it’s not bad. You can also catch the bus but you have to walk across the street past Rede Economica. You’ll see a restaurant named Costela (If you’re there at night, you’re likely to find some English speaking expats. They also have wonderfully delicious ribs, as the name implies). Turn left there and walk until you’re in front of Sky. Sometimes there is a bus stop sign, sometimes there isn’t. Wait by the pole and flag one down when it comes. Don’t worry all buses that pass by there go to Centro and the dock, which is where you want to be for the ferry.

Getting back to the dock:


a boat ferrying passengers back from Ilha Grande.

At the dock and in various places in Angra, you’re likely to see lots of birds

Ok, I think that’s it for now of my Angra retrospect. Coming next I’ll revisit our day trip to Ilha Grande.


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