I Spy: A Rooftop Water Tank


This is how some (including us at times) get water in their homes/apartments in parts of Brazil.


2 thoughts on “I Spy: A Rooftop Water Tank

  1. Usually it’s a combo… Ugly water tank + ugly TV dish đŸ™‚

    the good thing about it is that people still have water when the grid has none for some reason. I guess it’s a necessity, especially in lots of the poorer neighborhoods in Brazil, where water supply can be a very fickle and unpredictable thing

  2. Haha. We had the ugly tanks in Angra and have tanks of a sort here too in NiterĂ³i. I’ll take a pic of them when it’s not raining.
    There are a necessity since water isn’t always the best quality.
    However, in good news, our Sky still looks pretty and new-ish haha.

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