I Spy: Special Fleshes?


Originally I had stopped to take this picture of a menu outside a restaurant because I saw the Lonely Planet review on it. It was only later that I noticed they offered varied salads, delicious desserts and…special fleshes.


2 thoughts on “I Spy: Special Fleshes?

  1. Of course they meant special meats, but still it is hilarious. I wonder specifically which special meat dishes they offer; horse?, gator?, guineau pig? Guineau pig, known as “cuy”, is very popular in Ecuador. I have had it, and it is every bit as good as regular pork loin or pork steak.

    • We didn’t eat there, so I have no idea what speacial fleshes they offered haha. I haven’t seen guinea pig in Brazil yet but I’ve seen others eating it on travel shows. I’d give guinea pig a try if I saw it on a menu…maybe. I’ve had gator and liked it.

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