Confeitaria Colombo


Established in 1894 and well preserved since then, Confeitaria Colombo can be found on Rua Gonçalves Dias 32 in Centro, Rio de Janeiro. Large open doors lead you off the street and into larger open spaces that are made seemingly larger with mirrors lining the walls, along side stained glass and two story high wooden and glass cabinets that incase treasures from the tearoom’s past. With it’s open plan and lighting mixing with the smells of tea, coffee and sweets served among more than a hundred year old perserved pieces, it’s a place that feels warm, comforting and stable.


To the left when you enter there are two large glass containers filled with sweets, pastries and other goodies for sale or eating on site. Past them you find the main tearoom area.


To the right of the entrance is an elevator and a section to sit and have coffee, tea and/or a snack.


Upstairs there is more formal dining and more memorabilia.




Lunches and snacks can range from R$10-R$35 and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food. Some say it’s so-so while others say it’s overpriced (welcome to Rio). Sadly, having already eaten, MGFI and I just had coffee on the right side but overpriced or not, the goodies in the containers sure looked temptingly tasty. They seemed to have a lot of variety as well.

I recommend stopping by here if you should find yourself in Centro, Rio. It’s atmosphere alone is worthy of a visit. Once you enter it does truly feel like you have stepped into a different place and time.


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