Anima Mundi 2012

Promotion for the event

The 20th International Animation Festival of Brazil, better know as Anima Mundi, is here in Rio until tomorrow, the 22nd, before moving onto São Paulo until the 29th.

Located at at Rua Elvira Machado 5, 22280-060 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Anima Mundi is the biggest animation festival in Latin America and features best film, professional jury and public awards.

Here’s the video that opened the festival-Anima Mundi 20 Anos- Homenagem dos Animadores Brasileiros. It took six months for 41 Brazilian artists to make and is a very creative way to celebrate 20 years of the festival.

This year, stop motion director PES, among others, is in town for the event. If you’re unfamiliar with PES’s works, I highly recommend that you check out his YouTube Channel and website, EatPES.

See more about the Anima Mundi Festival on their website, their twitter , Instagram feed – @animamundi and their Facebook page .


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