The Maine to Play at Circo: Featuring a Q&A with bassist Garrett Nickelsen

The Maine will play this Sunday night, July 29th at Circo Voador in Lapa, Rio de Jameiro.


Band members John O’Callaghan (vocals, guitar), Kennedy Brock (rhythm guitar, back up vocals), Jared Monaco ( lead guitar), Patrick Kirch (drums),Garrett Nickelsen (bass guitar) and camera crew are currently making their way through Brazil during the South American leg of their World Tour promoting their third full-length album, “Pioneer”.

Yours truly recently had the chance to ask bassist and co-creator of The Maine, Garrett Nickelsen some questions about their ongoing tour, use of social networking and things Brazilian.

How are you feeling after you’ve finished your North American leg of the Pioneer tour and are on to South America?

Everything was great on the North American leg of the tour! Arkells and Lydia are two great bands to play with every night and all the shows were such a great time. I really couldn’t have asked for a better tour.

This not being your first time in Brazil, what keeps you coming back?

The first time we came to Brazil in December of last year was some of the greatest shows we’ve ever been able to play. I remember walking out on stage and having such an overwhelming feeling of excitement that I’ve never felt before. I really can’t wait to be in Brazil again.

I see that you’re going to be filming your first live DVD in Sao Paulo. How did that idea come about?

All the Brazil shows last year were some of the best we have ever played so we couldn’t think of a better place to shoot a DVD. All the kids down there are so amazing we wanted to capture the energy on film.

Will there been any excerpts filmed during the Rio show at Circo Voador?

We will have a video crew with us the entire South American tour filming tons of back footage and extra stuff. The entire Rio show won’t be filmed like the Sao Paulo show but I’m sure some of the extra footage will make it onto the DVD.

When you’re on tour, do you ever get time to go out and about, see the cities you’re in and/ or mingle with the locals? If so, any favorite places or experiences in Brazil?

When we have time off we love to walk around and see what the city we are in has to offer. We had the most time off in Rio last time and we got to see Christ the Redeemer, the beach, and some really great local food. i can’t wait to go to a Brazilian steakhouse again!

It seems that as a band you all use and update various types of social media frequently. I’ve noticed that especially on your Facebook fan page you often share pictures, free downloads and live videos. Do you find that this kind of openness and sharing strengthens your fan base? Does it also make you feel closer to them?

We have always run the whole social network thing the way we would love our favorite bands to do. I think people that listen to our music really love the constant updates, it really keeps people connected to what we are doing all the time. With the way the internet is going these days i only think we will do more and more to keep fans updated on everything we do.

And finally, what can fans expect from the Rio show? Any hints about the possible set list?

I think everyone is Rio can expect a really long set full of songs from all our records. I want to keep the set a secret but i can bet everyone who comes won’t be let down with not hearing the songs they came to see.

Doors open at Circo Voador at 7PM.

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