I’m Still Here

I wanted to let you all know that even though my posts have slowed, I am still here and alive and well. My life has become a little busier in ways and I fear that Brasil! par mim…has suffered a little because of that. I apologize.

There’s not much to report about my personal life here, although the beginning of this month did mark one year that I’ve been in Brazil. I have no annual summary of events really. At times days, weeks and months seemed to pass quickly and at others the minutes seemed to tick by in a painfully slow manner. Most importantly, I really have no idea what I’ve learned. Sometimes I feel that things like that, are hard to discern while you’re still experiencing them or maybe that the further in you get, the more you lose sight of other experiences to compare the new ones with properly. A friend of mine wrote on a Facebook post of mine, that it must be a surreal to me to be living in Brazil. I responded that the surreal had become increasingly more real but that it was still a fascinating and beautiful place to live. Actually, I suppose that can be my one year anniversary summary.

Other than that, there is a cat in heat somewhere in my neighborhood who mews all night long. At times when its windy, like tonight, she sounds like a tiny tin horn blaring. The wind also causes a palm tree to rub against the roof of the garage and I swear it sounds like an older printer. At first, I thought it was someone doing some excessive printing, which made perfect sense to me given how many times it seems necessary to have to things printed out in duplicate or triplicate in this country. It made me think of the movie Black Orpheus and the part where he goes in search of the girl. He’s in an office building at one point and there papers everywhere. They’re in the hallways in stacks in row upon row. Many lose sheets are tossed about by the wind. Its confusing and seems like an utterly hopeless search and sometimes, I see this as an accurate portrayal of dealing with Brazilian bureaucracy.

That’s all.

Hopefully I’ll be back again sooner rather than later.


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